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  Kael was born with Art in her bones. Raised on a sailboat in Canada by two Artists that nurtured, respected and cultivated her gifts. She was fascinated with drawing, writing stories and poetry at an extremely young age. And her parents showed her how to make Art out of every aspect of life.


  She moved to Los Angeles when she was 20 to study the Art of Acting. While attending PCC she was recruited by some classmates in a Improv class to join a comedy troupe. And though she her favorite form was dramatic film  she thought mastering live comedy would be the most difficult thing for her to do and therefore the best way to be the best Actress she could be. She quickly became a key member of the group and was promoted to Producer.


  While Kael got her degree in Theatre Arts she performed live Improv and Skits in venues all over the Los Angeles area with her troupe. However Kael's fire for film only grew and she pushed more and more for the group to transition to that medium. She proposed to the group that she take a class in Video Editing in order for them to start filming a unscripted comedic mockumentary. 


  Working on the web-series taught her how to build a story in Post and she immediately fell in love with Editing. By the time Kael finally got the opportunity to work for Copper Canyon Productions she had been doing all aspects of production with her group for a few years.

But the mentorship of her boss Richard Blanco transformed her completely  in a extremely short amount of time. Working at his side from conception to completion taught her not just what to do to be great in production and post, but how to think.


  Kael's years of working in many mediums of Art allow her to have a unique eye and creative vision in all areas of Production and Post. She continues to chase her dreams and could not be more excited to have just finished making her first short film. Eyes Within You. A film She wrote, produced, starred in and did all the editing  for. Though the film is completed it will not be released to the public until it has run the festival circuit. 


Kael believes being an Artist is more then a talent or a career, it is a calling, a way of being, of thinking and of living. 


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