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The Story Behind the Brand,

After being a Artist of many Mediums for her whole life (Painting, Writing, Acting, Film making ect...) Kael never planned on making a jewelry line and was at first very reluctant to embark on a new Art form, but the ideas and inspiration became a loud calling that would not quiet until Kael began creating theses unique signature works of Ear Art. Initially planning to buy premade components to assemble her jewelry with, Kael found her self having to learn how to hand make the components herself because what she was looking for didn't seem to exist. As she began creating the earrings, IC organically grew into an entire world of earrings and jewelry that pays homage to her life, her Art and her heritage.

Raised by brave nomadic Artist Hippies who taught her the value of Art, creation, love, hope and never ceasing to dream for magical things,  Kael is excited to use Infinite Circle to carry on their legacy of magic, creativity, beauty and power through using organic earth created treasures to make aesthetically beautiful jewelry that also holds healing power and represents the magic of Earths creations.  


All Jewelry is completely one of a kind, made by Kael Crystal Ocean Lalonde.



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