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Spending my entire life as an Artist, raised by Artists I have always seen and treated every aspect of my life

as Art. Always seeking new and diverse ways to create and express, while making the conscious choice to

dedicate my life and using my gifts to cultivate power in pain and healing for the human heart. I believe that

individual and collective healing happens when we all tell and share our stories through Artistic expression.

My work is a manifestation of the belief in the use of Art as a means for holistic healing and trauma transmutation.

Calling All Angels

When I was 13 I drew and coloured a picture with crayon of a fairy sitting on a mushroom in some green grass looking out at the Earth far away high up in the blue sky. I had decided I wanted to recreate this image as the grown up Artist I am now on a much larger scale using Acrylic. But it wasn't until the Pandemic hit in full effect and everything was shut down that I decided it was time and began painting it in March 2020. At first I really wasn't sure how i wanted it to look at all but I knew it would reveal itself over time as all pieces do for me.  

 I wanted her to have real animal elements so I based her wings on a real Macaw and though the Mushrooms were from imagination and existing in a different realm their colour pallets are based on Amanita Muscaria's. Over time the fleet of angels revealed itself to me. I realized it was my prayer, coming to life in the painting. That I was praying for help from Heaven for Earth and she represented help from another realm between heaven and here, calling for help for us and cheering Heaven on as it descends upon the Earth.

I painted through facing things I never anticipated going in to the Pandemic and as I painted  the hope in the pain became alive in the painting. I spent 5 weeks helping a friend I found out was homeless get off the streets, day in day out. And some days we painted in the park together. Then the protests began and after 5 weeks of consistently going to them here in LA, I rescued a kitten off the streets from the projects and I painted with her in my arms while I tried to nurse her back to health. She ended up having a birth defect which was rare and incurable so we had to put her down and I stopped painting for a long time.

This painting represents not only my prayer for the world to be better from covid, but better from ourselves, from police killings and killing each other, from repression and oppression, from capitalism, from destroying the earth, my prayer for us to love and value each other, to defund police, to help the houseless, to start putting the money that goes into cages into care. This piece represents our need for change, for supernatural help and hope, for transformation, for a new world and a new reality.

The Eyes of the Storm

This Self Portrait was originally done by and of a character Kael played in her first independent film, 

In the film the storm represents the storm she is living and facing on a day to day basis taking care of her mom at home while she dies pf cancer.. 

However Kael went back to the self portrait in 2021 to complete the piece as she had felt rushed for the film and that it had never been actually finished in 2019.

While working on it this past spring she realized the storm represented the journey of the Artist. The need to find the Eye of the storm and use it to propel you forward as a negative driver, using it as power that transmutes our grief and pain into something beautiful instead of allowing it to drown us in our own sorrow.



STILLS & Mixed Media

Smoke & Fire
Walking On- No words
DTLA Protest
Walk On with Words
Keeps Burning
Stop Killing Us
Smoke Rises
Walking on in Spirit- with words
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