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Eyes Within You

Drama(2022)39m 32s

Geneva chooses to take care of her dying Mother at home and in facing her greatest fears finds herself as an Artist in the process. However not everyone in the family is able to face or accept losing the Matriarch of the family, and person who knows each of them the best. Inspired and based off of real lives, deaths and dreams.


Directors: Neal Kennedy

Cast: Kael Lalonde- Geneva, Beth Schneider- Audrey, Michael Vaccaro- Noah, Lamont Mitchell- Jordan, Ebony Jordan- Hospice Nurse Grace, Candace Rivers- Mia, Marcel Toruno- Mason

Producers: Kael Lalonde, Neal Kennedy

Cinematography: Sean Shaul, Kyle Brewis

Writers: Kael Lalonde, Arthur Evans

Post Production: Kael Lalonde

Music and Score: Neal Kennedy

Original Artwork: Kael Crystal Ocean Lalonde

Mix and Master: Ariel Chobaz

SCN 3.00_07_35_17.Still002.jpg
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